Development & Testing of the Audi RS Models

Discover the behind the scenes of the development and testing of the Audi RS models.

Added: 03 June 2020

Development & Testing Of The Audi RS Models

The Audi RS models offer strong characteristics with distinct design and effortless performances. They are designed to provide a thrilling driving experience, developed and tested by engineers these models undergo a series of test drives around the world, being pushed to their maximum capabilities.

Within the Audi RS range there are 12 different models that are produced at four different locations. The RS 3 Sportback, the RS 3 Saloon, the RS 4 Avant, the RS 5 Coupe and the RS 5 Sportback roll off the line in the German plant in Ingolstadt. The RS6 Avant and the RS7 Sportback are produced at the Neckarsulm site. The TT RS Coupe and Roadster, the RS Q3 and RS Q3 Sportback are built at the Hungarian plant in Gyor. Finally, the RS Q8 is produced at the Slovakian plant in Bratislae. Eight of these models were only introduced to the market in 2019, with Audi Sport ready to release more models in the future.

Inspired by racing cars the RS models are described as the dynamic spearheads in Audi’s model portfolio. Featuring a wider and lower single-frame, with sporty black finishes, the RS models are reminiscent of the iconic Audi Sport quattro from 1984. 

During the development stage of the models, at the RS workshop the first cars are assembled by hand which is an important phase of development. The Audi Quality Assurance department has a great influence on the later series production vehicle. State of the art measuring methods with laser scanners are used to adjust all surfaces, joints and radii down to a tenth of a millimetre to benefit both the aerodynamics and the appeal of each RS model. 

The next stage for the RS models is to be tested around the world. The test engineers from Audi Sport GmbH spent around two years on the road in the RS Q8, it covered more than 1.2 million kilometers, which is the equivalent of driving around the world 30 times. They travelled to Finland, Sweden, France, Italy, South Africa, China and the USA, with testing being completed on the roads and tracks. 

During the testing processes the models are taken to high-speed circular tracks in the southern Italian town of Nardo, these areas are used to test the resilience of these models at constant high speeds. They then moved to Scandinavia to test the models on the ice and snow, to assist with the development of the response characteristics, the suspension and control system performance in the toughest of conditions. In South Africa, it allowed the team to test the model in the heat, from the air conditioning system to the engine cooling functions and the level of performance during special challenges. 

One of the most popular testing circuits in the iconic North Loop of the Nürburgring ring, the 20.8-km course is arguably one of the most challenging tracks in the world, with more than 80 percent of the course being driven with full power. With its high demands of the North Loop, it is used as a benchmark for every sports car – if it can survive here, you can survive on the world’s roads. More than just testing the car’s performance, the North Loop also identifies the models strengths and weakness. In autumn 2019, the RS Q8 was tested by Frank Stippler who recorded a lap record on the North Loop, the clock stopped at 7 minutes and 42.253 seconds, beating the former best time for a standard SUV by 12 seconds. 

For more information on the Audi RS range, please contact Caffyns Audi today. 

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