The New Audi A3 Sportback World Premiere

Set to premier at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi's fourth generation A3 Sportback will be put through its paces on the Volcanic land of the Azores archipelago first.

Added: 12 February 2020

The New Audi A3 Sportback World Premiere 

The fourth generation of the A3 Sportback will be tried and tested on São Miguel Island in the Azores archipelago. A location known for its high level of volcanic activity, breathtaking Azores Rallye and a place where volcanoes once created a whole chain of islands. Motoring journalists will get the chance to put the new A3 Sportback through its paces and experience extreme driving dynamics on challenging routes.

The all-wheel drive in the compact model is the latest product in Audi’s evolution of a successful technology. An electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch provides the A3 with optimum levels of grip, stability, driving pleasure and is also highly efficient. The electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch in unison with the A3’s progressive steering and adaptive suspension results in a more aggressive, sportier performance that is extremely impressive in narrow winding roads, in particular varied mountain and valley stretches.   

The intelligent quattro drive system

The electronic torque distribution control specifically tailored for the new A3 and integrated in the Audi drive select dynamic handling system analyses data from the suspension sensors. Detecting not only the road properties and driving conditions but also the driving style. The control unit uses the data gathered to calculate a torque distribution that provides optimum efficiency and passes the value onto the clutch all of which adds to the A3’s overall efficiency.  

Electronic Stabilization Control

For an additional sporty feature the A3’s wheel-selective torque control, a software function of the Electronic Stabilisation Control (ESC) has a specifically designed program for the when the Audi A3 drives through a curve at a high speed, brakes are applied to the two wheels on the inside of the curve. There is then a difference in drive force on both axles turning the car into the bend, allowing it to follow the steering angle precisely. The wheel-selective torque control makes the Audi A3’s handling even more agile, fluid, and safe. 

Traction and driving stability can be adapted to the driver’s request thanks to the three functional modes of the ESC. Adjustments to the ESC are soft and virtually imperceptible, with the ESC On mode acceleration is safe, stable and maximum power transmission is ensured all with as little wheel slip as possible. If a driver wishes to drift on surfaces with a low coefficient of friction, such as snow in a controlled and safe manner then they can do so by putting the A3 in Sport mode. In this case, the greater the wheel slip the more pleasurable the driving experience. In addition, by turning ESC OFF mode, the amount of wheel slip is nearly unlimited. 

Progressive steering

Conventional steering systems always require a compromise between sportiness and comfort. However Audi have solved this conflict with the introduction of the electromechanical progressive steering in the new Audi A3. Resulting in different gear ratios depending on the steering angle. Urban driving is now effortless, with smaller turning circles and direct steering making traffic and maneuvering easier than ever. The progressive steering is equipped with a highly efficient electromechanical drive that outputs power only when needed. Working in unison with various assist systems, such as adaptive cruise control assist, park assist and collision avoidance assist. 

Adaptive Suspension 

There's no compromise between comfort or sport with the Audi A3’s adaptive damper control. Damper characteristics ensure that the driver can experience all of the Audi A3’s driving characteristics in particular the agile handling. The driver can alternate the basic damper settings between the three modes of comfort, auto, and dynamic. Switching between modes results in adjustments in the suspension, resulting in different driving experiences. 

Audi Drive Select

The Audi drive system can be switched between five modes- comfort, auto, dynamic, efficiency and individual- via a button located near the gear shifter. Drivers can freely specify their personal preferences in the “Individual” setting to a vast extent. Audi drive select varies the characteristics of the throttle response and steering assist. Depending on the equipment, the S tronic system is also incorporated, the quattro drive, and the suspension with damper control. Automatic air-conditioning, matrix LED headlights, seat belt tensioner, and adaptive cruise control systems are also influenced. 

For more information on the new Audi A3 Sportback, contact Caffyns Audi

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