Keeping Our Customers & Colleagues Safe

Find out about the new measures we have put in place in line with government guidance to ensure that we can keep our customers and colleagues safe during the current COVID-19 crisis. 

Our Response To COVID-19   Frequently Asked Questions

We've been working hard to keep our customers and colleagues safe. 

At Caffyns we have been working hard whilst our showrooms have been closed to ensure that they are safe, once the advice from the government changes, we will be able to re-open our dealerships. The safety and wellbeing of our customers and colleagues is our priority, we have been working with the government's advice to implement changes in the way we operate our showrooms, and we will be introducing new measures to keep everyone safe. 
Our showrooms are now temporarily closed until we are advised it is safe to re-open. Our website, social media and other online presences remain operational and enquiries will still be answered.

Changes in our dealerships

We have followed the government advice to ensure our showrooms are prepared and safe. You will notice new signage around the premises, we are following the social distancing guidelines and have placed arrows and markers around the showroom to help everyone keep a distance of 2 meters apart. Protective screens have been installed, and we have created a new contactless payment and paperwork process. New hygiene measures have been implemented, we have added hand sanitiser stations throughout our dealerships. 

Below are some of the new signs you will find within our dealerships.



How will we keep our employees and customers safe?

Social distancing will be followed by everyone in our showrooms. Our staff will complete mandatory health and safety training teaching them how to keep themselves and customers safe. We will provide our employees with appropriate PPE, and when possible they will work a minimum of two meters apart and within social distancing guidelines. When this is not possible, for instance within our workshops we will have protected screens installed. 

To keep our customers and employees safe we have introduced contactless vehicle and key drop off. Before any work is completed on your vehicle it will be thoroughly sanitised. Our staff will use protective covers on the steering wheel, gear knob and seats on every vehicle. Once they have finished working on the vehicle, it will then be fully sanitised again ready to be returned to the customer safely. 




When are we re-opening our dealerships?

Once we have been instructed that is safe for us to re-open our dealerships, our first priority will be to complete the work of the cars in our workshops so we can return them to customers. We will also begin delivering cars to customers who have ordered them before lockdown. For more information please contact us today using the phone numbers below. 


We would like to say thank you to our customers for their understanding and patience during these difficult times. We look forward to welcoming you back safely in our dealerships soon.