Apprentice Parts Advisor - Ref: DY10-130

Do you have Grade C or above GCSE in English, Maths and Science and looking for a new career? We are looking for a Parts Advisor to carry out practical and theory work in a professional manner to complete the Apprenticeship to the required level of the apprenticeship programme.

Added: 04 February 2020Closing Date: 01 March 2020

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  • Location: Brighton Audi
  • Salary: Dependent on age and in line with current wage legislation
  • Department: Parts
  • Benefits:
  • Driver Licence Required: No
  • Working Hours: 8.00am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday



To carry out practical and theory work in a professional manner to complete the Apprenticeship to the required level of the apprenticeship programme.


1.1)   Responsible to:

Parts Supervisor

Parts Manager

Aftersales Manager

1.2)        Relationships with:

Workshop staff

Service staff

Warranty Administrator



General Manager

Human Resources staff

Other branch Staff


To carry out all work efficiently and accurately in accordance with Company and Health & Safety procedures.

To carry out all duties as required or authorised, i.e. parts delivery, warehouse duties.

To inform retail and trade customers at the earliest opportunity of any delay on ordered parts.

To ensure the security of Company property.

To maintain and comply with all Company regulations and consumer legislation.

To receive and identify stock and check goods from suppliers.

To correctly locate items in warehouse.

To ensure accurate identification of customer’s needs by means of manufacturer electronic parts catalogues 

To conduct all transactions with customers with the utmost courtesy.

To ensure that stock is only issued in accordance with Company policy regarding payment or charge.

To guard against unauthorised withdrawal from stock.

To inform stock control of any stock discrepancies at all times. 

To care for stock control, plant and record systems.

To assist all dealership staff in parts identification and, if required, replacements.

To update and maintain catalogues and computerised parts systems

To be able to order all customer parts order requirements via manufacturers computerised ordering systems.

To remain conversant with product knowledge, and to read all parts bulletins. To maintain attendance at college/academy and to attend any other additional training as required to ensure the highest levels of knowledge.

All Apprentices:

As a Caffyns Apprentice, you are expected to complete your Apprenticeship, and associated certificates to the required level within approximately three years of your start date, or sooner if possible.

You are required to attend your places of work and study punctually at all times, and explain absences/lateness to your tutor and to your Line Manager. Absences from your place of study or work should be notified by your normal start time by telephone to both your college/academy and your Line Manager in line with the sickness absence reporting procedure.

As representatives of Caffyns, you are expected to behave responsibly at all times, acting with respect and courtesy towards your colleagues, tutors and other students.

You are required to complete and submit all work required to your college/academy or assessor by the set dates. This includes any assignments and coursework required as part of your portfolio or your college/academy based learning.  

You must only present your own work for assessment. Presenting other people's work or allowing others to use your work may result in disciplinary action.

You are required to take responsibility for your own learning both at your workplace and at your place of learning and find out what is expected of you while on the course to successfully complete your apprenticeship within the designated timeframe.

You are required to let your Line Manager know immediately of any situation, at work, or at your college or academy, which has an impact on your progress.

You are required to take responsibility for finding out about times and dates of examinations and assessments, registering for them, and abiding by all exam and assessment rules and regulations.

You are required to read and sign a Service Level Agreement which will outline the responsibilities of the Company, the learning provider, and the apprentice during the apprenticeship period.

3)            COMMUNICATION:

To maintain good communications with all branch departments, staff and customers as requested.


This list of duties is not exhaustive and other tasks and responsibilities will be required of the post holder including any other duties commensurate with the post as requested by the Aftersales/Parts Manager or General Manager.


All information relating to customers, employees, and the business is to be treated confidentially in line with Company policy and procedures.


Caffyns has an obligation under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to provide safe and healthy working conditions.  All employees are required to co-operate with management in discharging this responsibility and must take responsible care for the health and safety of themselves and others.

All employees must read and adhere to the relevant sections of the Caffyns plc Health & Safety procedure.

Please be aware that Caffyns plc operates a no-smoking policy.


Other terms and conditions are as reflected in the Contract of Employment and Company policies and procedures, as amended from time to time and as governed by statute.

(A job description is a written statement of essential characteristics of the job, with its principal accountabilities, incorporating a note of the skills, knowledge and experience required for a satisfactory level of performance.  This is not intended to be a complete, detailed account of all aspects of the duties involved).

Parts Apprentice

Created by Human Resources

January 2018

Caffyns plc

Person Specification

Parts Apprentice



Passes or predicted passes in a minimum of three GCSE’s at Grade ‘C’ or above including Maths, English and Science, or equivalent Functional Skills to Level 2.

Full driving licence to be already held or to be gained in line with achievement of year 2 of the apprenticeship.



Basic knowledge of IT to include Word, Excel, Outlook Express and Internet.


Basic understanding of the Apprenticeship Scheme.

Demonstrate an interest in Caffyns as a Company.



Ability to work in a customer focused manner.

Ability to actively seek clarification and advice.

Good organisational and time management skills.

Ability to carry out tasks using own initiative.

Ability to communicate face to face, on the telephone and in writing.

Ability to make a positive contribution to the team.



Knowledge of the retail environment, trade custom, stock control, customer service etc.

Evidence of employment, work experience, study, hobbies or projects in which knowledge and/or hands-on practical skills have been gained, i.e. working on motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, engines etc.



Willing to adapt to the requirements of the apprenticeship, i.e. attend college/academy and complete all assignments.

Parts Apprentice

Created by Human Resources

January 2018


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  • Location: Brighton Audi
  • Salary: Dependent on age and in line with current wage legislation
  • Department: Parts
  • Benefits:
  • Driver Licence Required: No
  • Working Hours: 8.00am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday
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