Master Technician - Ref: VE14-104

MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB: To carry out routine servicing and warranty work, diagnosis of vehicle problems and the general maintenance of vehicles as required, without supervision.

Added: 28 June 2019Closing Date: 21 July 2019

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  • Location: Eastbourne Volkswagen
  • Salary: Commensurate with skills and responsibilities
  • Department: Service
  • Benefits:
  • Driver Licence Required: Yes
  • Working Hours: 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday 8.30am to 12.30pm Saturday (on a 1 in 2 rota)



To carry out routine servicing and warranty work, diagnosis of vehicle problems and the general maintenance of vehicles as required, without supervision.


1.1)   Responsible to:

Service Manager, Workshop Controller

1.2   Responsible for:

Apprentice Technician (where appropriate)

  1. Relationships with:

Workshop Controller

Workshop Staff

Parts Staff

Warranty Administrator




Accurately and skilfully undertake the repair and servicing of vehicles

Perform service and advanced diagnostic repair work as directed and in accordance with established and documented procedures, as well as conducting routine service work

Analyse work orders carefully to understand a vehicle’s condition, the accuracy of the diagnosis and what work has been agreed to

Maintain the highest standards of workmanship in line with the latest technical guidance and evolving technical practice

Document completed work orders, ensuring hours and materials used are accurately and appropriately recorded and all warranty material is kept and returned to the Warranty Clerk

Minimise wastage of all materials, oils and fluids

Attend all master technician specific courses and cascade relevant information to all service staff on return to dealership

Present new information/technical bulletins/service information to all productives during regular service meetings held by Service Manager


Support the Workshop Controller in the running of the service facility

Assist the Workshop Controller in scheduling and prioritising work, advising on service work requirements that affect service prioritisation and supervising the completion of jobs to ensure that the highest standards of workmanship are achieved

Assume a leading position within the Workshop and advise on work priorities

Act as guide and mentor to all technicians, providing them with technical advice on work where required and assist the Workshop Controller with the induction of new staff

Be proactive in suggesting better ways of working, as appropriate

Undertake all other tasks and responsibilities as requested by the Service Manager


Detect and diagnose faults and establish work required

Test vehicles and provide diagnostic reports to the Workshop Controller and service reception

Observe, recognise and report on vehicle and component serviceability

Conduct pre-service booking discussions with customers to resolve any issues, using customer-facing skills to understand and interpret faults leading to an accurate diagnosis

Communicate with staff and customers over fault diagnosis in a clear, unambiguous way

Communicate with all other areas of business affected by potential work requirement e.g. Parts, Bodyshop, etc.


Deal with all customers directly in a customer-facing role and fulfil all tasks to the customer’s complete satisfaction

Receive customers courteously, in line with the Volkswagen quality programme

For post-service booking communicate clearly and unambiguously when explaining a fault diagnosis or work required

Safeguard and protect the customer’s vehicle and its contents while being repaired or serviced, ensuring adequate seat protection is used in every vehicle


Ensure all work is completed safely and complies with retailer, manufacturer and industry guidelines

Ensure vehicles comply Volkswagen and industry safety standards when returned to customer and any faults have been reported and noted on the job card

Ensure all health and safety, environmental and recycling policies, plus all internal policies and procedures are adhered to, focusing on customer needs and building upon the professional reputation of the retail facility

Check the condition and ensure the correct maintenance of tools, equipment and other materials in accordance with company policy

Follow safe working practices and be proactive in suggesting possible improvements

To adopt a ‘right first time’ approach to servicing and repairs.

To achieve an average recorded efficiency as required.

To ensure parts for warranty claims are cleaned and free from oil and water, identified and returned to the Parts Department.

To ensure that due care is taken at all times when working on customer’s vehicles.

To ensure that when driving any vehicle (company or customer), it is done so in a safe and courteous manner, within the law and company procedures.

To create a safe environment by keeping the work area clean and tidy at all times.

To ensure that vehicles comply with safety regulations and any defects must be clearly noted on the Job Card.

To be prepared to work ‘overtime’ where reasonably requested by the management.

To notify immediately, the Service Manager of any damage or fault to any technical equipment in the workshop, tooling or customers property.

To make sure any tools and equipment are used correctly and any special tools are returned as soon as possible after use.

To accurately ‘clock on’ and ‘clock off’ Time Cards throughout the day and make sure all the job numbers are entered on the card before ‘clocking off’.

To ensure that Job Cards are written up when the job is complete, including clear and concise reasoning as to why a component(s) has been changed.

To ensure the use of car protection, i.e. wing covers/seat covers/floor mats and to keep the area around the work bay and ramp area clean at all times.

To ensure that any vehicles parked outside are securely locked and alarmed (where possible) making sure that keys are not left in the vehicle, but locked in the secure key cupboard.

To ensure that vehicles are parked in an orderly way in front of reception and facing towards the road for ease of departure.


To maintain good communications with all branch departments, staff and customers as requested.


This list of duties is not exhaustive and other tasks and responsibilities will be required of the post holder including any other duties commensurate with the post as requested by the Workshop Manager, Service Manager or Branch Manager.


All information relating to customers and the business is to be treated confidentially in line with Company policy and procedures.


Caffyns has an obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to provide safe and healthy working conditions.  All employees are required to co-operate with management in discharging this responsibility and must take responsible care for the health and safety of themselves and others.

All employees must read and adhere to the relevant sections of the Caffyns Health and Safety procedure.


Other terms and conditions are as reflected in the contract of employment.

(A job description is a written statement of essential characteristics of the job, with its principal accountabilities, incorporating a note of the skills, knowledge and experience required for a satisfactory level of performance.  This is not intended to be a complete, detailed account of all aspects of the duties involved).

Master Technician

Caffyns plc

Person Specification

Master Technician – Eastbourne  Volkswagen



NVQ Level 3 or equivalent in Motor Vehicles

Full driving licence


HND or HNC in Motor Vehicles or equivalent

Qualified Volkswagen Master Technician



Able to carry out services and repairs within a set timeframe

Good communication skills

Basic computer skills

The ability to work efficiently with the public

Able to convey information clearly and succinctly whether verbally or in writing

Able to solve problems

Able to establish effective working relationships with varied personnel

Able to work independently demonstrating initiative and pro-activity


Word processing/spreadsheet skills



Have a smart appearance

Able to maintain confidentiality

Ability to sometimes deal with difficult, impatient or distressed people

Efficient and well organised

Interested in the work of the organisation


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  • Location: Eastbourne Volkswagen
  • Salary: Commensurate with skills and responsibilities
  • Department: Service
  • Benefits:
  • Driver Licence Required: Yes
  • Working Hours: 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday 8.30am to 12.30pm Saturday (on a 1 in 2 rota)
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