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When replacing tyres and fitting new ones, it is important to be aware of a number of important factors, such as tyre valves, tyre balancing and the repair of tyres.

Tyre Valves

 Tyre valves and valve caps maintain a vital airtight seal. Valves will deteriorate over time and once they are faulty, air will begin to escape. Once air is escaping, the tyre pressure will reduce quickly which could lead to premature tyre wear and possible danger. 

We recommend that drivers replace the valve every time a tyre is changed. Alongside this, the valve cap with the rubber seal must also be replaced. 

Tyre Balancing

 It is important that tyres are balanced, in order to avoid vibrations and other problems. If a wheel balance is incorrect, it can lead to damage in the car's suspension, steering and bearings. Incorrect wheel balance can also cause irregular and premature tyre wear

For the best results, we recommend balancing both the front and rear wheels

Tyre Repairs

Instead of replacing a tyre, vehicle owners may consider getting the existing tyre repaired. Tyres damaged in the tread by a nail or other sharp object can be often be safely repaired, whilst repairs in the sidewall and shoulder are non-repairable. Before a tyre can be considered for repair, the tyre must be separated from the wheel to check for any internal damage. These rules are set out by the British Standard BS AU159. 

As the tyre needs to be checked for internal damage, external repairs such as plugs and liquid sealants that are injected through the tyre valve are not considered to be a suitable permanent repair. The regulations indicate there is no limit to the amount of times a tyre can be repaired, although tyres with a speed rating of V or above can only be repaired once. 

For repairs, only a special vulcanised plug patch can be used and must not overlap. Also, any tyre being repaired must have over 1.6mm of tread remaining, with no damage to the sidewall. 

Vehicle owners should never attempt to repair their own tyres, as it could prove fatal if the repair failed at speed. 


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