KNow Your Tyre Life

Know Your tyre Life

Usually, with normal driving, tyres will wear out and be replaced before they age to a dangerous condition. However, it is important to be able to look after your tyres to keep them safer for longer. 

Exposure from heat, sunlight and rain can naturally degrade tyres, but it is a slow process. With proper care, a tyre can still be in service long after production. This is why damage from ageing is more common in vehicles used less frequently, such as those on trailers, caravans and prestige models kept for infrequent driving. 

Vehicle owners must check for the signs of damage, such as cracking on the sidewalls, on tyres that are four or five years old and be especially vigilant on vehicles kept outside. 

If cracking becomes severe, please ensure you replace tyres before a dangerous blow-out.


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