KNow Your Tyre Speed rating

Know Your tyre speed rating

The speed rating for a tyre is the maximum sustainable speed for a tyre under its recommended load capacity. 

Speed ratings are determined through a series of scientific tests during which a tyre is run at speeds in 6.2mph intervals in 10 minute increments until the required speed has been met. 

The speed rating for a tyre can be found on the tyre sidewall as a single letter after the load index. Drivers should be advised to never exceed the speed rating and where possible, avoid fitting tyres of a different speed rating. If a tyre of a lower speed rating than recommended by the vehicle manufacturer could invalidate an insurance policy. 

Please see the table below to find out the speed rating for each rating symbol: 

Rating symbol Speed (mph)
B 31
C 37
D 40
E 43
F 50
G 56
J 62
L 75
M 81
N 87
P 93
Q 99
R 106
S 112
T 118
U 124
H 130
V 149
W 168
Y 186
ZR Over 150

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