Know Your Tyre Tread Depth

Know Your tyre Tread Depth 

It is important to check your tyre tread depth regularly, as tyre treads are designed to give vehicles good grip on wet roads, but as the tread depth decreases, drivers will need to adjust their speed accordingly. 

Legally, tyre tread depth's must be above 1.6mm. If a tyre fails to meet this requirement, vehicle owners are risking a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points on their license for each illegal tyre. Tyres have wear indicator bars in the treads that serve as a visual warning for drivers for how close the tyre is the the legal limit. 


Tread Depth Remaining Legal Tread Your Tyre is
8mm   New

15% worn

6mm   31% worn
5mm   47% worn
4mm 2.4mm

62% worn

3mm  1.4mm 78% worn
2.5mm  0.9mm 86% worn
2mm 0.4mm 94% worn
1.6mm  Illegal 100% worn
Okay In Good Condition
Advisory Inspect Monthly
Urgent Require Attention

It is advised to replace tyres before coming to close to the legal limit, at around 3mm. When travelling at 70mphs the difference between stopping on 3mm and 1.6mm tread is 44 metres, that's the length of 11 cars! This is because as the depth of the tread, decreases the tyres will not perform how they are intended, thus reducing your safety on the road. 

The more worn a tyre is, the stopping distance in the wet and likelihood of skidding increases. Worn tyres are susceptible to aquaplaning as the tread depth is unable to disperse the water sufficiently enough to maintain contact with the road surface. 

 Read more about tyres and the law here.

Tread Depth

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