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LEVC Electric Vans

Caffyns offer great deals on new cars and used vehicles and is one of the most dependable car dealer groups in the South East of England. At LEVC Eastbourne, we have a large stock of new and used LEVC vehicles available, visit us today.

Caffyns provides high quality service to all of its customers, as well as delivering unbeatable servicing offers at the manufacturer approved service centres across the South East.

Redefining expectations of what electric vans can do, VN5 can offer true zero-emissions transport with none of the downsides. An on-board range-extender, multiple drive modes, flexible charging and outstanding efficiency are built in as standard.

Seamlessly handling inter- and intra-city operations, the VN5 can go anywhere without interruption.

With VN5, businesses and fleets can move to a low-cost, future-proofed operating model while maximising productivity, vehicle lifespan, and freedom to travel to any location.

Meet the next generation of green operations. Meet VN5.