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2020 SEAT Highlights

In the wake of the 70th anniversary for SEAT, the brand made sure the unexpected events of 2020 were a reason to reinvent and celebrate the SEAT brand.

Added: 13 January 2021

2020 SEAT Highlights

In the wake of the 70th anniversary for SEAT, the brand made sure the unexpected events of 2020 were a reason to reinvent and celebrate the SEAT brand by announcing the 5-billion-euro investment plan between 2020 and 2025. The anniversary year also saw the electric Mii and SEAT Leon and Tarraco Hybrid models break into the market.

Despite various setbacks presented to SEAT during 2020, the brand ensured the important preparations for an electric future remained the forefront of the company’s goals. Looking back at the events that outline 2020 for SEAT, a lot of achievements and changes were made.

With a new President in 2020, SEAT’s road to electrification and sustainability will now be led by the previous Vice-president of Sales and Marketing – Wayne Griffiths. SEAT has also welcomed two new members to the team: Dr. Werner Tietz in July as Executive Vice-president for Research and Development at SEAT, and Herbert Steiner in November as Vice-president for Production and Logistics. Thanks to their dedicated team, SEAT can thank 2020 for the start of their future investments in their staff.

In Spain, SEAT signed an agreement to promote the creation of a public network of recharging points in Spain for electric vehicles, boost the use of renewable energies, market electric recharging solutions and integrate Iberdrola’s infrastructure into electric vehicle navigation systems. This alliance is a further step in the commitment to make the electric future a reality in Spain. 

As a further step towards electrification, SEAT also saw the electromobility Learning Centre (eLC) launched in 2020. The training centre specialises in teaching new hybrid and electric technologies for SEAT’s more than 15,000 employees. SEAT have also begun construction of the Test Centre Energy, which will offer the ability to test cell, battery, and vehicle modules, and is expected to be operational in 2021.

Not only was 2020 the year of the Mii electric – SEAT’s first 100% electric model – but it also saw the SEAT Leon e-HYBRID – the company’s first plug-in hybrid vehicle. Production has also begun for the new SEAT Tarraco e-HYBRID.

When it comes to the Leon, SEAT generated a best-selling model in 2020 thanks to the sale of 2.3 million units. The Leon gave SEAT new heights of connectivity, efficiency, dynamism, and safety in 2020, earning it the AUTOBEST’s prestigious “Best Buy Car in Europe 2021” and Autobild’s Goldenes Lenkrad.

The SEAT Ateca also received an upgrade, introducing a more emotional exterior design and a redefined interior. Plus, the Ateca also saw the addition of SEAT Connect – making it a 100% connected vehicle, as it integrates on-board functions with online services, and connectivity with the outside.

When 2020 became more challenging, SEAT also demonstrated its commitment to society by manufacturing emergency ventilators to help medical centres cope with equipment shortages. A team of 150 professionals worked for weeks to develop a prototype, adapting the motor of a SEAT Leon windscreen wiper. The result was the production of more than 600 emergency ventilators, which were sent to hospitals all over Spain.

SEAT also welcomed more than 15,000 workers back to work with PCR tests, resulting in better contact tracing and various measures to contain the virus. Thus, maintaining its production activity with hardly any transmission within its facilities.

Overall, the 70th anniversary saw many obstacles and achievements throughout 2020, including over 60 awards. The brand is looking forward to achieving even more in 2021 and looks forward to welcoming their customers back into the showrooms as soon as it is safe.

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