90 Years of Volvo Cars

Added: 17 March 2017

90 Years of Volvo Cars

Volvo cars are celebrating 90 years of history. Since their official founding in 1927, Volvo have produced a huge number of reliable and practical vehicles that have been enjoyed and respected globally. Below are some interesting facts and milestones reached by Volvo throughout their fantastic 90 years.


The two-point safety seatbelt was created by Volvo 50 years ago (1957) and was revolutionary for the motoring industry and for the safety of drivers all over the world. Children can also travel by car safely after the brand created the first rear-facing child seat in 1967. 


Volvo's first car manufactured was the open-top four cylinder Volvo ÖV4, nicknamed the 'Jakob'. The ÖV4 had an ash and beech frame which was covered with sheet metal and was finished in only one colour combination: dark blue with black wings.


The company name 'Volvo' is a latin word meaning 'I roll'. Volvo's logo is an ancient chemistry sign for iron which was chosen to symbolise the strength of the world famous iron that is manufactured in Sweden, and used to create the safe and reliable Volvo car's we love today. 


Volvo is known globally for it's commitment to vehicle and road safety, engineers are so dedicated to this that they created the safest car ever. The Volvo V40 was awarded with the highest score ever recorded by EuroNCAP. 


Volvo entered the new millennium with the slogan "Volvo. For life". Ever since Volvo's have been around they have been known for their impressive reliability. The highest recorded mileage of a Volvo is 3 million miles which was clocked up by a 1966 P1800. 

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