Choose a Vauxhall This Winter

Added: 12 January 2018

Choose a Vauxhall This Winter

Vauxhall cars feature a number of high-tech, innovative systems to keep you feeling confident on the roads this winter. All-wheel drive(AWD), steering wheel heating and IntelliLux LED matrix headlghts helps you to tackle the colder temperatures, poorer visibility and longer nights and keep you warm and safe in your car.

Vauxhall offer a range of models that feature intelligent traction control systems to help you grip the road, including IntelliGrip and adaptive all-wheel drive torque vectoring. On the new Grandland X, customers can choose from five modes on IntelliGrip, including snow and mud, to get the right traction for the current road condition. IntelliGrip works by adapting torque distribution to the front wheels and allowing slip when it is necessary. When Vauxhall pairs IntelliGrip with a six-speed automatic transmission, the system can optimise the shift points to the driving situation.

The Mokka X SUV features an innovative AWD system that distributes the torque when needed in a split second to provide supreme traction on snowy or icy surfaces. Alternatively, customers could opt for the new Vauxhall Insignia, which utilises an adaptive all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring in addition to a rear-drive module that has a twin clutch system without differential.

When driving in the winter, drivers don't just worry about the harsh road conditions, the long dark nights also prove a challenge for many drivers. To combat this challenge, Vauxhall have created a range of lighting systems to illuminate even the darkest of roads. Both the Grandland X and Mokka X feature adaptive full-LED headlights, which enables drivers to use full beam without dazzling other drivers. Alternatively, the Vauxhall Astra and new Insignia feature IntelliLux LED matrix headlights.

To help ease the burden of a frozen car on cold winter mornings, the Vauxhall Insignia and Grandland X aid you in de-icing your car with heated exterior mirrors and heated windscreens. Owners of the new Insignia can benefit from a stationary heater that is operated via remote control or an automatic programming attached to temperature sensors. Plus, a heated steering wheel and heated seats are available in several of the Vauxhall range for added comfort and luxury.

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