CNG Powered SEAT Leon Now Available

The SEAT Leon is now available with a CNG-powered engine.

Added: 16 January 2019

CNG Powered SEAT Leon Now Available

The SEAT Leon is now available with a CNG-powered 1.5 TGI Evo engine.

This Miller-cycle engine helps to maximise the benefits of CNG. Integration of three compressed natural gas tanks boosts the range in CNG-only mode to a generous 500km, all without compromising practicality and driveability.

The New LEON TGI Evo has been built at the Martorell facilities near Barcolona, Spain. SEAT is at the heart of the CNG trend, with compressed natural gas variants now available for the Ibiza, Mii and Arona as well as the Leon.

The Leon TGI Evo’s advanced turbocharged four-cylinder, direct-injection 1.5 litre engine integrates an advanced stop-start system, variable turbine geometry turbocharging systems and a Miller cycle combustion process to maximise efficiency and performance. The engine produces 130ps of power at 5,000rpm – a 20ps increase compared to the 1.4 litre predecessor.

As with other vehicles in the SEAT CNG line-up, the Leon TGI Evo only uses petrol as an alternative fuel when the CNG tanks are empty, but there is now even greater CNG storage capacity as the SEAT Leon TGI Evo benefits from three gas tanks - two of which benefit from advanced lightweight carbon fibre composite construction. The Leon TGI Evo has a gas capacity of 17.7kg giving a range of 500km in CNG mode, and, thanks to the automatic switch to petrol, the range is extended by an additional 150 km.

This means that the Leon TGI Evo is cleaner and even better value for money, helped greatly by CNG’s efficiency over other fuels. SEAT’s CNG models not only reduce emissions and reduce environmental impact but also offer advanced technologies, performance and stylish design.

Find out more about the SEAT Leon or contact Caffyns SEAT today for more information.

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