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First ID.4 Customer Deliveries

The latest addition to the ID family has final started delivery, with the first selection of German customers being handed their new full electric ID.4 at the same time.

Added: 01 April 2021

First ID.4 Customer Deliveries

The latest addition to the ID family has final started delivery, with the first selection of German customers being handed their new full electric ID.4 at the same time in the delivery centers at the Transparent Factory in Dresden and the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. With such huge demand, the first deliveries will be followed by around 150,000 ID.4 vehicles being delivered worldwide this year. The impressive model had reached an astonishing 23,500 orders by the end of February across Europe, even with most showrooms being closed.

“The ID.4 launch has been very successful and the car has been well received by customers. We’ve still got great plans – we aim to deliver around 150,000 vehicles worldwide this year alone. That is about one third of our planned output of 450,000 electric vehicles in 2021. The world car is therefore a key pillar of our accelerated electric offensive.”

Volkswagen Board Member for Sales, Klaus Zellmer

As part of the plan to speed up the Volkswagen electric offensive, the brand aim to launch at least one new fully electric model each year.

A particular customer hand over caught the attention of the Volkswagen team due to the first customers in Dresden and Wolfsburg, Jacqueline Heyer-Mertens and Mario Heyer from Suhl (Thuringia) and Matthias Hoeper from Oyten (Bremen) already drive the ID.3 and have expanded their ID family with the new ID.4.

“I just love the new ID. family so I had to buy another one straightaway.”

Mario Heyer

“I’m a great fan of electromobility. I’m pleased about the addition to the family and the fact that I’m one of the first people in Germany who gets to drive this car.”

Matthias Hoeper

With the Volkswagen electric range expanding so quickly, the Europe-wide training roadshow has begun, allowing our dealerships to properly advise customers. Participants will gain specific vehicle knowledge and training in related areas such as We Connect and charging.

“The ID.4 is now being rolled out to our fully prepared dealers. The employees have been trained well. In addition, dealers are operating an individual appointment system with a safe hygiene concept. Customers finally get to touch the ID.4, sit inside it, test drive it and order it.”

Head of Volkswagen in Germany, Holger B. Santel

It’s no wonder the new ID.4 is creating such high demand. The fully electric compact SUV sets new standards in digital technology, including receiving regular updates and new functions remotely – the first volume manufacturer to provide this feature, which is being rolled out from summer 2021. Augmented reality is another new feature and a world first in digital innovation. Featured in the high spec ID.4 Tech and ID.4 Max, the augmented reality head-up display projects information and signals into the driver’s vision, as if part of reality. These features are a key addition to the Volkswagen ACCELERATE strategy to electrify the Volkswagen range.

Similarly, to the previous ID.3 the new ID.4 is produced in Zwickau with an entirely carbon-neutral footprint, along with the delivery at Dresden and Wolfsburg. With the Zwickau factory recently starting a third shift on the second assembly line for production of the ID. family, Volkswagen plan to produce more than 1,400 vehicles each working day during the summer in order to meet the high level of demand for the world car and the ID. family.

Contact your local Caffyns Volkswagen today to find out more about the exciting ID.4.

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