ŠKODA Previews Small Concept SUV

Added: 12 March 2018

SKODA Vision X Concept SUV

ŠKODA Previews Small Concept SUV

ŠKODA have shown off their Vision X concept during the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. 

This new compact concept SUV from ŠKODA consumes compressed natural gas, meaning its fuel emissions are much healthier thanks to the mild hybrid powertrain. This all-wheel-drive capable hybrid powertrain can reduce the amount of emissions by allowing the engine to require less fuel, as well as giving it a limited all-electric mode. The engine itself is a 1.5-litre petrol engine which is accompanied by two 48-volt mild hybrid powertrains, a starter-generator and a 27bhp/70Nm electric motor on the rear axle. The electric motor on the rear is also capable of pushing the car purely by itself using electricity, however said electric motor will mainly work in unison with the petrol engine giving it all-wheel-drive. Alternatively, the rear electric motor can be shut-off totally so the car runs as a front-wheel-drive but will allow the electric motor to reinvigorate when braking or when descending down a hill.

ŠKODA's vision of the future consists of what is known as 'e-fuel'; where hydrogen and CO2 taken from the atmosphere are combined through renewable energy to produce methane or synthetic petrol/diesel.

ŠKODA have said the Vision X concept can achieve 0-62mph in just 9.3 seconds which will send it on its way to a top speed of 124mph. The emissions rate is only 89g/km which is quite low for a SUV that is capable of all-wheel-drive. ŠKODA employee Christian Strube, who holds responsibility for technical development, commented: "This is a very good way of delivering four-wheel drive on a car of this size because it works well for packaging."

The dimensions of this Vision X concept are unique from the competition with it being 4,250mm long and 1,800mm wide, with a wheelbase of 2,645mm. These would make this concept SUV ŠKODA's smallest one to date, yet it would retain all the functionality of a standard sized SUV, in order to appeal to the family car market. Another unique characteristic of the exterior is the inclusion of ŠKODA's distinct C-pillars. The front of the car also features daytime running lights above the headlights, which have animated indicator signals.

As for the interior, not much at all has been revealed, apart from a staple widescreen infotainment touchscreen system.

The Vision X concept SUV is anticipated to begin production during 2019.

If you would like more information about the ŠKODA range please contact Caffyns ŠKODA today.

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