ŠKODA’s New Small Crossover

Added: 11 September 2017

ŠKODA's New Small Crossover

In 2016, Christian Strube, ŠKODA Auto Board Member responsible for Technical Development, revealed he was working on a smaller ŠKODA model. The new small crossover is expected to launch in the later half of 2019. The vehicle was expected to be similar to the next-generation Fabia, although Strube also suggests the ŠKODA will take advantage of the VW Group’s platform line-up to efficiently deliver clever practicality, as is a key brand strength of ŠKODA.

Now, the new model is expected to be more similar to the next-generation Rapid Spaceback. Both models will be produced on the VW Group’s MQG A0 platform, which has a longer wheelbase to the Fabia. This platform has been chosen for the new crossover so it can benefit from more rear cabin space than many of its rivals. The model is also expected to be the largest offering in the crossover segment thanks to the MQB platform, with the vehicle expected to measure over 4.2 metres in length.

Whilst the vehicle is referred to as a crossover, it will be as much as 100mm taller than the Rapid Spaceback model and is expected to be offered as standard or with the Scout trim level, giving the car additional plastic body cladding to create a more substantial, tougher look. Initially, the new ŠKODA will be front-wheel drive, even though the MQB platform supports four-wheel drive systems. Due to the chassis structure, the crossover could feature the latest in the VW Group’s latest engines that even the Rapid Spaceback will not have access to. At the bottom of the range we can expect a turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engines, whilst the top-spec engines could be 1.5-litre petrol and 1.6 diesels.

The new ŠKODA is unlikely to be badged with the Yeti, considering the negative perception of the model in foreign markets. ŠKODA has registered several new names, including Aratan, Aron, Amiq and Anuq.


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