Molly's Magnificent Bicycle

Added: 20 December 2018

Molly's Magnificent Bicycle

ŠKODA’s second illustrated children’s book, Molly’s Magnificent Bicycle, celebrates the family-focused ŠKODA KAROQ and is now available in your local dealership and as a digital flipbook version.

The new storybook revolves around Molly, who has a very special bicycle. Molly has added many different wonderful things to her bike, making it loud, colourful and truly unique. Jack, Molly’s brother, and his friends do not like Molly’s bike and laughed at it, pedalling hard through the woods to escape it. However, Molly and Jack’s Mum and Dad had warned them to be careful of elves and trolls in the forest, and Jack soon discovers the value of all the magnificent things Molly has added to her bicycle as she rides in to save the day.

Read The Digital Storybook Here

Visit Caffyns ŠKODA today as we will be sure to have a few copies of Molly’s Magnificent Bicycle in our showroom for families to enjoy.

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