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New Speed Limit When Driving Through Motorway Roadworks

The speed limit has been increased when driving through roadworks on the motorway.

Added: 17 August 2020

New Speed Limit When Driving Through Motorway Roadworks

When driving through roadworks on the motorway, drivers can now drive up to 60mph whilst passing through.

This increase has been announced by Highways England after a series of trials across the country turned out to be successful. The same trial found that this increase helped drivers cut journey times, as well as helping them feel less stressed.

These tests by Highways England found the 10mph increase did not compromise the safety of both motorists and roadworkers. Further findings showed that journey times were decreased by up to 14%, saving drivers a collective 3,780 hours each day.

All of our research shows that road users benefit from 60mph limits in roadworks. They have shorter journey times and feel safe. We have a huge programme of work planned, so being able to use 60mph where safe will continue to improve everybody’s experience of our roads.”
- Jim O'Sullivan, Highways England Chief Executive

Research conducted on the M1 between junctions 13 - 16 found that on average, drivers could reduce their journey's duration by 68 seconds due to the increase. Trials like this took place all over England's network of motorways and major 'A' roads to ensure the increase was a prudent enhancement.

Certain roadwork sites will still have a set speed limit of 40 and 50mph whilst passing through due to the area the work is taking place in.

Previous research showed that drivers felt less stressed when the speed limit was increased in motorway roadworks. Allowing cars to travel at 60mph will help to separate traffic, avoid bunching, giving a quicker and less stressful journey.
- Rebecca Ashton, IAM RoadSmart (Road safety charity)

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