Seven SEAT Driver Assistance Systems That Make Life Easier

Added: 09 July 2018

Seven SEAT Driver Assistance Systems That Make Life Easier

SEAT vehicles are equipped with many clever systems that help to make driving increasingly safe and comfortable. SEAT’s range of cameras, sensors and radars aim to save an estimated 7,300 lives and prevent 38,900 serious injuries over the period 2020 – 2030.

SEAT's Marc Seguer is responsible for the development of these systems and has recently spoken about the seven most useful features available in their vehicles.

1. Front Assist system

SEAT’S Front Assist system provides automatic brake application to help prevent collisions by controlling the distance of the car in relation to other vehicles or pedestrians. Marc explains “When the driver doesn’t react to an imminent risk of collision with the car in front or a pedestrian, the system first emits a warning and then automatically brakes the car if necessary.”

2. Traffic Jam Assist

SEAT knows that driving in heavy traffic can be tiresome, which is where Traffic Jam Assist comes in. This clever system performs the braking and accelerating for you so you can relax. It can also change gear, regulate speed and maintain a safe distance from the car in front.

3. Lane Assist

Thanks to a front-mounted camera that recognizes lane markings, Lane Assist warns the driver when they are about to stray off course and can automatically make corrections to prevent dangerous situations.

4. Traffic Sign Recognition Assist

This system also uses the front-mounted camera to detect road signs that indicate speed limits, road works and even overtaking bans, giving plenty of warning to the driver about changing situations.

5. Blind Spot Detection

Blind Spot Detection takes the worry out of making lane changes thanks to a visual warning on the door mirror. It alerts the driver when a vehicle is approaching outside their field of vision, thanks to two radars at the rear.

6. Adaptive Cruise Control

Marc explains that being able to set a constant driving speed is “especially useful to activate it on long trips, with heavy or fluid traffic. When making a long distance trip, drivers come to appreciate not having to keep their foot on the accelerator.”

7. Park Assist

Using cameras that provide a 360 view around the car, Park Assist does the steering so you don’t have to. It can even take control of the steering wheel and calculate distances to avoid collisions.

With all these exceptional assistance systems working together, driving has never been safer. Marc Sageur concludes that “it’s getting more and more safe and comfortable to drive thanks to the advanced technology our cars are equipped with. These days, driver assist systems are our best driving companions, and the prelude to autonomous driving.”

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