The New Audi A6

Added: 02 March 2018

Audi A6

The New Audi A6 Set For 2019 Launch

The Audi A6, set for a 2019 launch, has made its debut at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, equipped with a variety of features to help save fuel and deliver a more engaging drive.

One of the most notable differences about the Audi A6 compared to other saloon cars is its single-frame grille, which is a staple for Audi nowadays. The front of the car is also equipped with LED lights and also on the rear, which will be able to be upgraded with matrix beam and laser upgrades.

The exterior design of the Audi A6 features smooth, curving lines with a flowing roof that allows for plenty of headroom, whilst not compromising aerodynamics. Large headroom space is not the only increase in interior space with more leg-room in the rear-seats. The boot space will has an impressive storage capacity of 530 litres. Commenting on the design of the A6, exterior designer Philippe Romers said: “It has more muscular looks and a lower shoulder line than its siblings. The shoulder line leads towards the wheel, accentuating quattro [Audi’s four-wheel drive system], which is different to the A8. The grille is similar yet has different dimensions to the A8 and A7 and the front and rear light graphics are unique to the A6. The A7 and A8 have a light band across the rear. Instead, the A6 has chrome in its place to connect the lights.”

Another notable design choice behind the Audi A6 is the choice to use aluminium exterior panels to lower the overall weight of the car, in order to fit a light hybrid system. All engines in the new A6 feature mild hybrid technology, one of which will be a 12v system accompanying the four-cylinder 201bhp 2.0-Litre engine. This hybrid system allows the engine to shut-off when driving under speeds of 14mph and will allow the A6 to 'coast' when going between the speeds of 35 to 100mph, with the engine being able to instantly become active when power is demanded from it. This mild hybrid technology allows for the reduction of the car's CO2 emissions.

Another benefit of the introduction of aluminium panels is better comfort whilst driving which is also achieved by the A6s adapting dampers, conventional springs and full air suspension.

The light hybrid system is not the only technological innovation in the Audi A6, as it will also include a virtual cockpit instrument panel measuring up to 12.3" which can be configured by the driver. Additionally, the A6 will include the latest MMI touch control system as well as 10.1" infotainment screen which is placed above an 8.6" screen which controls climate and comfort.

This is not all for pioneering technology in the Audi A6, as it will feature an intelligent navigation system that learns what roads you frequently drive on, due to data analysis from HERE, a service provider. Every A6 equipped with this 'Car-to-X' communication system will allow them to share current hazards on the road or heavy traffic to other Audi users. The Audi A6 will also feature innovative smartphone connectivity, allowing a connected smartphone to remotely control various features inside the car. Your smartphone can even replace the keys to the car with 'Audi Connect Key' allowing the smartphone to lock, unlock and start the car. There will be numerous safety features to ensure the safety of those in and outside the car, these systems include lane keeping assistance, parking assistance and adaptive cruise control.

The quattro 4x4 steering system fitted to the new model will help reduce the turning circle by 1.1m, and enhance the handling and stability when going at high speeds.

The new Audi A6 Saloon will be available to order in the UK from this summer.

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