Upcoming Volkswagen Golf To Use 48-volt Hybrid System

Added: 27 April 2018

Golf Hybrid

Upcoming Volkswagen Golf Model Will Use A Mild Hybrid System

Currently, there are two types of Golf cars on offer from Volkswagen, one with a combustion engine or one powered purely by electricity, but soon there will be a third choice; one that uses both of these systems.

Announced recently by Volkswagen, this Golf hybrid will feature a mild hybrid system of 48-volts which will assist in powering the vehicle with a standard combustion engine that consumes fuel. The 48-volt system will allow for more advanced stop-start systems as well as kinetic energy recycling, both of which means the combustion engine will not consume as much fuel and will be able to conserve it, thanks to the enhanced fuel efficiency of the car.

During the announcement, Volkswagen specifically mentioned this model will be capable of 'coasting'; the term used to label a hybrid's ability to shut-off the main engine when travelling at a certain speed, with the engine coming back online when more power is required. This allows the car to save fuel as the electrical side of the engine is capable of sustaining the car at its current speed.

This new variant of the iconic Golf will belong to the 8th generation of Golf vehicles, that is expected to make its full debut in 2019.

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