Vauxhall Celebrates Emissions Milestone

Vauxhall is celebrating a milestone in the bid to reducing emissions ahead of hybrid and electric models launch later this year.

Added: 03 May 2019

Vauxhall Three-way Catalytic Converter 1989

Vauxhall Celebrates Emissions Milestone Ahead of Hybrid and Electric Models Launch Later This Year

Vauxhall is celebrating a milestone in the bid to reducing emissions. On the 21st April 1989, Vauxhall was the first manufacturer to provide catalytic converters available across their entire range. The brand’s focus on cutting exhaust emissions and contributing to cleaner air was the start of a new attitude within the industry, focusing on environmental innovations across the board.

The milestone comes ahead of Vauxhall’s upcoming Grandland X hybrid electric vehicle and the battery-powered next-generation Corsa launch later this year. The brand is set to deliver an electric alternative for each model across their range by 2024.

Making Climate-Friendly Developments Widely Available

Along with ensuring the new climate-friendly technology was available across their models, Vauxhall made the technology even more available by lowering prices on a substantial number of models across their range. This meant more customers could benefit from the manufacturer’s developments as well as aiding the reduction of CO2 emissions without adding an additional cost.

When Vauxhall first initiated the inclusion of the new three-way catalytic converters, both Vauxhall and its sister brand Opel, sold 20,541 vehicles with the new environmentally friendly technology, quickly establishing the brands as leaders and innovators in the industry. These figures reached 208,000 by the end of 1988 and continued to rise going into 1989. The impressive figures meant Vauxhall made the three-way catalytic converter a standard feature for all models, reducing emissions by a remarkable 90%.

Vauxhall also released the new 1985 1.8-litre Vauxhall Cavalier which gave the company further industry leading technology. This is due to the model being manufactured with a catalytic converter specially developed for Europe, instead of the normal U.S.A standard which had previously been the norm among manufacturers.

Leading By Example

With climate change and environmental concerns hitting headlines in the 1980s, it was swiftly acknowledged that road traffic and engine emissions were the main factor attributing to the pollution of the atmosphere. As a brand, Vauxhall instantly took direct responsibility for the protection of the environment, acknowledging the seriousness of the issue. The manufacturer committed in excess of £500 million to the development and fit of catalytic converters across all models, as standard.

Another element towards reducing emissions and protecting the planet included the construction of new facilities, test rigs and equipment, as well as an insulated ‘soak tower’ to simultaneously emissions test more than 130 cars.

Since this milestone is Vauxhall’s history, the brand has been focused on doing as much as possible in defence of the environment. With the upcoming roll out of electric alternatives for every Vauxhall model, the brand is continuing to dedicate its innovations in the direction of climate-friendly dvelopments.  

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