Vauxhall Teases GT X Experimental

Added: 09 August 2018

GT X Experimental & Vizor

Vauxhall Teases GT X Experimental

Vauxhall have revealed a new teaser of their GT X Experimental brand concept, that is set for launch in mid-2020.

This new brand concept will fully embrace the core values of Vauxhall, these being British, Ingenious, Progressive and Approachable, additionally the GT X Experimental will set a new template for the design of future Vauxhall production cars.

The GT X Experimental will be the first Vauxhall model to implement the new Vauxhall 'face', a brand concept that will heavily follow the 'Vauxhall Compass', a concept that forms a design structure for all future Vauxhall models. One of the main features of this compass, are the two distinct axes that are intersecting the Vauxhall Griffin logo. Other main features of this new brand concept include a bonnet with a prominent centre crease and wing-shaped daytime running lights.

These daytime running lights, in addition to the headlights and components of the driver assistance systems are protected by a design element known as 'Vizor'. This takes inspiration from the visor of a motorcyclist's helmet and will make its debut on the GT X Experimental, setting a precedent for all future Vauxhalls.

Vauxhall's overhaul of its brand concept is a key part of their PACE! strategy, a strategy that seeks to create an even more efficient and profitable future for Vauxhall. Originally launched 9 months prior, the PACE strategy has contributed to Vauxhall/Opel earning a profit of £451 million, per margin of 5% with an operational free cash flow of almost £1.1 billion.

Mark Adams, the British Vice President of Design has been leading the PACE! plan, as the Vauxhall Design team create a new futuristic design philosophy that heavily reflects on their historic past.

Commenting on this, Mark Adams said: “Design will be at the heart of everything that we do in future. It will truly differentiate the Vauxhall brand, and make it sharper and more relevant to our core values. We are a proud British brand and design inspiration is all around us in the UK – from the bold ingenuity of James Dyson to the pure designs of Jonathan Ive – and this concept will embody that."

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