Vauxhall's Corsavan Wins Best Small Delivery Van Title Again

Added: 09 March 2018

Blue Vauxhall Corsavan with black race stripes

Vauxhall Corsavan Continues To Hold On To Its Title Of Best Small Delivery Van

The Corsavan from Vauxhall has continued its winning streak by securing the award for Best Small Delivery Van for a second time, at the Business Van of the Year awards ceremony held in London during early March 2018.

These awards are held to recognise light commercial vehicles and give them the acknowledgement they deserve for being the best in their type. The titles that the Business Van of the Year awards gives out are determined by a panel of judges who are experts in the industry.

Small businesses typically have limited assets, so every purchase they make needs to be trustworthy and reliable. The Business Van of the Year awards helps these businesses by identifying light commercial vehicles that are worthy of their price tag, and that have the utilities to help these small businesses make their deliveries. As small businesses increasingly choose to deliver their own products locally, these accolades help owners identify vehicles that can meet the requirements they have for a small delivery van.

On the success of the Vauxhall Corsavan, Editorial Director of Business Vans, Ralph Morton, had this to say: "The Vauxhall Corsavan continues to be a huge hit at delivering small packages in the SME sector, amazing fuel economy and an extended fourth year warranty make the small van a big hit.”

The versatility of the Corsavan is what makes it the best in its category, thanks to its plethora of technology. Featuring a 7" touchscreen IntelliLink audio system, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto with air conditioning and 16" eight-spoke alloy wheels. The Corsavan also has the option of being equipped with the Vauxhall OnStar personal assistant.

Brand Manager of Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles, Brad Miller commented: “Corsavan continues to prove that it is a strong contender in the small van market, which is underlined by it retaining its title at the Business Van of the Year Awards, it has a host of technology that helps make deliveries easier and smoother for small businesses, but also has a great look that adds to its appeal.

View the Vauxhall Corsavan here, or alternatively contact Caffyns Vauxhall for more information.

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