Volkswagen Touareg Technology Highlights

Added: 01 August 2018

Touareg HUD

Volkswagen Touareg Technological Highlights

The new Touareg is one of Volkswagen's most technologically equipped SUVs, with a wide array of features that make use of high-tech equipment. These innovations have been implemented to provide a safer, simpler and more entertaining driving experience to the occupants.

Night Vision

The new Touareg comes with a variety of features to improve the safety and security of the occupants and those outside of the vehicle. One of these features is a Night Vision assist system, a thermal imaging camera that is integrated to the front of the car that will register any infrared radiation being emmited from a living organism. When the camera detects something, the driving assistant will alert the driver, reducing the risk of pedestrians or animal endangerment, even when on dark country roads.

The Touareg is the first Volkswagen model to be fitted with an infrared camera that can detect all manner of objects infront of the car within 10 - 130 metres. When an object is detected, it will be displayed on a screen in the digital cockpit, the digital instrument panel of the Touareg.

All-Wheel Steering

Despite being a luxury SUV, the new Touareg has the agility and handling of a city car, thanks to the all-wheel steering giving the Touareg a superior turning circle. This enhanced manoeuvrability is attributed to the front and rear wheels turning in synchronisation depending on the current driving conditions.

This system reduces the turning circle from 12.19 metres to 11.19, which is especially helpful when parking or when towing a trailer. Furthermore, this new driving system can provide extra driving stability when at high speeds.

Advanced Running Gear With Roll Stabilisation

Setting a new standard in comfort and agility, the new Touareg uses an advanced running gear made from a lightweight aluminium, and a combination of innovative four-corner pneumatic suspension with adaptive electronic damping control. Additionally, this is the first Volkswagen to use a completely new electromechanical active roll compensation system.

The eAWS (electromechanical action roll compensation system) uses anti-roll bars on the front and rear axles that feature electric motors and a 48-volt system that can automatically adapt to the driving conditions, allowing for a new standard of agility and comfortability that isn't matched by any other SUV.

Traffic Jam Assist

The traffic jam assist driver assistance system is already available across the Volkswagen range, however the Touareg takes it to the next level. The new Touareg can now semi-automatically master stop-and-go situations when the traffic jam assist system is active.

Traffic jam assist is composed of two other systems, these being Lane Assist which uses a camera and Adaptive Cruise Control that uses radar. This allows the Touareg to follow the traffic ahead and stay within its lane, and if the traffic becomes a grid lock, the SUV will cease moving and start again when the traffic resumes moves.

Heads-up Display

The Innovision cockpit in the new Touareg is an interactive digital panel that uses display and control elements. The heads-up display is part of this system, allowing it to project a virtual summary about the latest important information concerning their car and journey on to the windscreen.

This information will be projected into the driver's selective field of vision, with the driver being able to set the height of the display. Speed and traffic sign recognition as well as navigation guidance can also be displayed using this.


Each new Touareg is connected to the internet thanks to a factory installed eSIM, allowing the car to obtain traffic news, internet radio stations, news, podcasts, music, maps and much more online. This will allow you to listen to any foreign radio station or music and podcasts in the highest possible quality. This not only benefits the navigation system by updating stored maps, but also allows for buildings to be displayed in 3D in the Digital Cockpit.

You can also create a Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can connect your smart devices or laptop to the internet whilst out on the road.

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