Volvo Adds To Powertrain To S90, V90 & XC90 Range

Added: 08 August 2018

Volvo XC90

Volvo T5 Petrol Engine Available On New Models

The T5 Petrol Engine from Volvo is now available across the Volvo S90 saloon, V90 estate & Cross Country and XC90 models.

This T5 engine introduces various benefits such as enhanced fuel efficiency and performance that can deliver 250hp and 350Nm of torque. By default, it will be accompanied by an eight-speed automatic transmission allowing for superb handling.

Volvo has specifically designed and built the T5 engine to further their focus on petrol engine technology. This advanced 2.0-litre Drive-E engine, uses four-cylinders and is compact and lightweight due to the use of aluminium and aluminium alloy metals in its design. Furthermore, it also has various engine technologies that include a variable valve system that allows for improved driveability, efficiency and improved combustion control as well as countermeasures to decrease power loss via internal friction. The single-scroll turbocharger also uses exhaust gasses to make air move through the induction system, allowing for superior responsiveness to the demands of the driver.

The S90 saloon model is available with this T5 engine, which can be included in all model grades, excluding the entry-level Momentum and Momentum Pro. It can achieve a combined fuel cycle economy of 42.8mpg with CO2 emissions from 154g/km.

As for the V90, the T5 is available on the same models as the S90, including the Cross Country all-road estate model. The V90 T5 has fuel efficiency figures of 41.5mpg and 157g/km with the all-wheel drive Cross Country edition having figures of 38.2mpg and 172g/km. The performance is also equally impressive, thanks to an acceleration time of 0-62mph in just 7 seconds for the V90, and 7.4 seconds for the V90 Cross Country.

Also available with the T5 petrol engine now is the XC90, which will be available with all-wheel drive in any trim. This altogether allows for official combined cycle figures of 35.9mpg and 184g/km with it only taking 7.9 seconds to reach 62mph.

Commenting on the T5 engine was Jon Wakefield, the Managing Director of Volvo Car UK, who stated: "The T5 petrol engine is a superb addition to the S90, V90 and XC90 ranges. This cutting-edge engine brings increased choice for our customers, and offers strong performance with excellent efficiency and refinement. We're sure it'll be a hit with retail and business users alike."

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