World Premiere of The Volkswagen's new GTI and GTD

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI and Volkswagen GTD set for their world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Added: 24 February 2020

Golf GTI & Golf GTD

All New Volkswagen Golf GTI & GTD To Be Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March

The eighth generation Golf GTI is due to launch at the Geneva International Motor show from 5th to 15th March, 45 years after the first Golf GTI premiered at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. 

The roaring success of the Golf GTI comes down to one main factor, the heart of the GTI never changing, all generations have shared the same DNA. It’s sleek design, front-wheel drive, iconic chequered seat covers, powerful petrol engine and signature red stripe remain consistent throughout the years of the Golf GTI. The new Golf GTI has been reinvented once again, combining the traditional golf features together with innovation. Featuring intelligent assistance systems, intuitive technology and both a powerful and sporty design. 

An example of the new generation Golf GTI’s intuitive technology is the entirely digitalised interior landscape of displays and controls.  Safety features such as the Car2X system, which shares important information such as heavy traffic with other Car2X vehicles on the road, the first compact sports car to have such an impressive feature. The new generation Golf also features a red stripe on the radiator grille and an optional LED crossbar integrated in the daytime running lights. 

The Golf GTI isn't the only Golf model debuting at the Geneva Motor Show in March, Volkswagen have just unveiled the new Golf GTD, the most powerful and cleanest turbo diesel injection (TDI) engine ever. The first Volkswagen Golf GTD was revealed in 1982, sparking excitement due to its powerful turbo diesel and equally powerful, athletic looks. 

40 years later, Volkswagen are introducing the new Golf GTD, with optimised performance and efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and improved responsiveness. Thanks to the new twin dosing SCR with double AdBlue injection, NOx emissions will also be significantly reduced, making the TDI in the new Golf GTD one of the cleanest combustion engines in the world. To add to the golfs impressive performance, a futuristic feature on the new Golf GTD is the startup process, igniting the four-cylinder house starts with the push of a pulsing button in the completely digitalised cockpit. 

Look out for the World premiere of both the Golf GTI and GTD at the Geneva Motor Show from 5th - 15th March. 

Find out more about the Volkswagen range or contact Caffyns Volkswagen for more information.

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