Introducing CASA SEAT Digital Experiences

A program of digital experiences offered through its own website.

Added: 05 May 2020

Introducing CASA SEAT Digital Experiences

CASA SEAT have launched a new website where people can digitally experience the type of content CASA SEAT will offer everyone when it opens its physical space in Barcelona.

This project has been created by SEAT to pay homage to the city of Barcelona, which gave birth to SEAT nearly 70 years ago with the company's objective of producing innovative solutions to mobility.

"Barcelona is our home and we want to maintain our commitment to citizens even in exceptional situations such as the one we are experiencing. Until it can officially open its doors, CASA SEAT will offer a calendar of digital content dedicated to mobility and urban culture with the aim of starting the debate on the challenges and solutions of the future,
- Gabriele Palma, Director of CASA SEAT.

Four experts in urban cultures, mobility and AI will be offering their ideas about how to solve these future problems and what problems will be faced in the future. These experts include: Lis Rosselló (Postfuturear), Alfons Cornella (Institute of Next), Javier Creus (Ideas for Change) and Ramón López de Mantarás (AI expert and Member Scientist of CSIC).

The CASA SEAT digital experience will also host streamed talks by Carlos Ferrater (OAB) and Lázaro Rosa-Violán who are behind the project's architecture and interior design. Carlos will discuss his artistic influences and how vital it is to create venues for people through art in a conversation with Isab Coixet, Film Director and Fine Arts Gold Medallist. Additionally, interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán and Santiago Inat (LRV Studio) will be talking about their inspiration for CASA SEAT's main parts, and how visitors can be made to feel at home in a commercial space through design and interior design.

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