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The Evolution Towards Advanced Illumination

Find out how the SEAT Leon has developed over the past two decades since its launch.

Added: 03 June 2020

The Evolution Towards Advanced Illumination With The All-New SEAT Leon

The SEAT Leon was launched in 1999 and was one of the most advanced models available and included the latest technology in terms of illumination including bi-xenon headlights, LED lights and dynamic illumination system. Since its launch, over the past two decade the Leon has improved significantly and features numerous innovations. The fourth generation is the latest Leon model and is available with innovative illumination technology including rear coast-to-coast light, dynamic blinkers, full LED headlights, welcome lighting and interior wraparound ambient lighting. 

Lighting technology has always been at the forefront of SEAT development strategy, with drivers receiving 90% of their information through their sight. Since 1975, SEAT’s Technical Centre has developed all the illumination technology for SEAT models. Focus has been placed on reproducing real conditions in night driving, including optic tunnel testing to improve the safety of their vehicles and to create lighting that not only assists the driver at night but also allows them to be seen clearly by other road users. What’s more, the lighting has been fundamental in the design of the SEAT Leon and adds personality to the model, the new SEAT Leon has taken illumination technology to the highest level. 

The first SEAT Leon stood out from its competitors and was ahead of its time with powerful halogen headlights in a teardrop shape and a prominent rear light running across the spoiler. The second generation released in 2005 introduced new illumination technology, and for the first-time customers could choose between halogen or bi-xenon technology for their headlights.  The new lights offered greater luminosity and helped to reduce eye fatigue during long night time journeys. In 2012, the third generation was released and was the first car from SEAT to offer halogen headlights and full LED headlights technology. It was also the first time that SEAT used the characteristic triangular LED headlights. 

The all-new SEAT Leon is the fourth generation of this model and is the most advance vehicle in SEAT’s history. Available with cutting-edge illumination technology, it is available with two levels of front illumination including standard LED or Full LED dynamic headlights, depending on the trim chosen. What’s more, selected trims also come with welcome lighting, it beams the greeting “Hola!” onto the ground when the doors are opened. Inside the lighting technology continues with wraparound ambient lighting creating a tranquil feeling and a sense of space.

For more information and to experience the all-new SEAT Leon for yourself, please contact Caffyns SEAT today. 

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