Season Health Check

In Tunbridge Wells & Ashford, Kent

Winter Health Check

This winter, treat your SEAT to some tender loving care here at Caffyns SEAT. Just like you rely on your coat and umbrella to get you through winter, your SEAT relies on its tyres and brakes to keep you safe on cold, wet and icy roads. Carefully designed and finely tuned by SEAT engineers, they do an incredible job of protecting you against those unpredictable situations that cause an increase in accidents during winter months.

The easiest way to protect your SEAT’s tyres, brakes and other car parts is to book your winter Check from our SEAT-trained technicians, which could save you a nasty breakdown bill and a whole lot of hassle by detecting issues early.

During our comprehensive Winter Car Check we will inspect all parts of your car that are most affected by wet, cold conditions: brakes (pads, discs, brake fluid), lights, wiper blades, tyres (tread depth and pressure), wiper blades, windscreen washer, battery and aircon. Our technicians can also offer your winter tyre advice.

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