ŠKODA ENYAQ Spotted In Camouflage

Find out about the camouflage processes undertaken by ŠKODA.

Added: 26 May 2020

ŠKODA ENYAQ Spotted In Camouflage

Before a new model is released it will complete rigorous testing. Prototype models will have spent thousands of hours on test rigs and in climate chambers before it reaches production. To hide their new design and to keep it under wraps, the prototype models are wrapped in camouflage. The new fully battery-electric ŠKODA ENYAQ model has been fully disguised and is ready to undertake its testing. The team of camouflage artists at ŠKODA spent 120 hours disguising the model. 

The camouflage design on the ŠKODA ENYAQ keeps the new design hidden from the prying eyes of journalists, photographers and competitors. It is the only way for manufacturers to ensure that technical innovations, new design features and clever details remain hidden until the highly anticipated launch of a vehicle. The camouflage design patterns also help to conceal the body contours and shape, from disguising the headlights, radiator grille and even the side windows. 

Florian Weymar, Head of Total Vehicle Development at ŠKODA comments: “In addition to the actual purpose of making a car unrecognisable, the rules and regulations governing the use of vehicles on public roads must of course be observed as well. That is why each prototype will have functioning indicators and brake lights and the complete set of sensors, regardless of the means used to camouflage or disguise its design. The work must be done by the test drivers and engineers during each journey is another consideration. Thus, in general, the air intakes must not be interfered with and the interior air cents must not be covered. This ensures that the measurements results provide a good indication of the data for the actual production vehicle. In the interior, it is crucial that the driver is able to view the instruments and have access to key control elements at any time.”

It is not only the exterior of new models that are camouflaged, the interior also requires protection especially when the test model is parked or stopped at a fuel station. Materials used inside a test vehicle includes blackout fleece fabrics that can be used to separate covers for the cockpit, instrument panel, central display, infotainment system, centre consoled or air centre, whilst being easily removed for when the journey continues. 

The camouflage artists at ŠKODA are responsible for creating and designed the camouflage wraps, with complete creativity. Using patterns, 3D effects and colour contrasts it can trick the viewer’s eyes. They can even hide message within the camouflage design. Once the design is finished it is applied by to the car by hand, which can take several hours.

The ŠKODA ENYAQ iV is currently sporting a camouflage wrap with black and white facets with a three-dimensional element. It can currently be seen near ŠKODA’s headquarters in Mlada Boleslav. The artists spent over 120 hours developing the concept to disguise the new ŠKODA ENYAQ, and it uses around 18 square metres of camouflage foil. 

The ŠKODA ENYAQ will be revealed later this year, for more information please contact Caffyns ŠKODA today. 

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