The all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA earns maximum Euro NCAP rating

The production process behind the all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA has been revealed.

Added: 27 April 2020

All New ŠKODA OCTAVIA Earns Five-Star Rating Euro NCAP Test

The all new ŠKODA OCTAVIA has secured its position as one of the safest saloons available on the road by earning the maximum five-star safety rating in the Euro NCAP test.

One of the main factors behind the OCTAVIA securing this rating is the smart mix of materials behind the manufacturing process of the car. Now in its fourth iteration, over 20% of the new OCTAVIA's body is made using an ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel. Whilst almost another 14% of the structure constitutes an ultra-high-strength steel, in addition to a multi-phase steel, ensuring unparalleled stability and safety for all occupants within as well as superb fuel economy.

These materials were chosen for a variety reasons due to the many demands customers now have from their cars. They need to be lightweight in order to offer excellent fuel-economy so they're low cost. However, occupants require more safety and comfort inside, which typically requires the use of stronger, heavier materials. To meet both of these common customer requirements, ŠKODA has used an intelligent mix of materials to allow for both outstanding economy and efficiency, as well as optimal occupant protection.

The strong body of the new OCTAVIA is made from a large selection of high-strength steel. 26.3% of the surface components are made using a deep-drawn steel, whilst 20.6% of the body uses an ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel. This latter type of steel is up to seven times the strength of normal deep-drawn steel. This special steel is created by heating it up to approximately 950 degrees Celsius and is then pressed. After this process it is cooled down to 180 degrees during a process that takes only 5.5 seconds. This results in a thinner, more lightweight material which is sturdy enough to absorb heavy front and lateral impacts.

Contact Caffyns ŠKODA to find out more about the all-new OCTAVIA.

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