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Lifeshine Protection

Get LifeShine vehicle protection from Caffyns ŠKODA today.

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Here at Caffyns ŠKODA, we understand how tough life is on the road for your vehicle, whether it is road salt, detergents or the weather, it can affect the finish of your ŠKODA. When your vehicle is open to the elements on the road its pristine finish can soon start to deteriorate. To protect your vehicle we are offering LifeShine protection, it will act as a shield against any damage to the exterior and interior of your ŠKODA.

Paintwork Protection

By treating your vehicle's paintwork with Carbon Shield Technology, fusing liquid carbon to your vehicle's paintwork, the LifeShine treatment forms a unique protective coating and ensures maximum resistance to environmental hazards. Combined with a glossy water repellent coating, water and road spray slides off the paint work allowing you to maintain an outstanding glossy shine.


Glass Protection

All external side and rear windows are treated with a highly resistant, completely transparent, easy to clean coating. As you drive through rain or standing water, the water droplets roll off your windows to ensure vastly improved wet weather visibility and safety, allowing you to focus on driving.


Upholstery Protection

Protecting your vehicle isn't just about maintaining the pristine exterior. LifeShine's upholstery protection coats every fibre in your vehicles upholstery multiple times, creating a barrier around the fabric or leather. Spills and moisture are consequently locked out of your car's seats and can be easily wiped away without seeping through.

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