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ŠKODA Connect

In Tunbridge Wells & Ashford, Kent

ŠKODA Connect

ŠKODA Connect is the latest technology from ŠKODA that has been designed to keep you connected and safe whilst on the road. It is made up of 3 core services including Infotainment Online, Care Connect and Emergency Call, plus it offers different functions to help you understand and interact with your car including Remote Access and Proactive Service.

Whether you are in your car driving or trying to find it in a car park, with ŠKODA Connect you are never disconnected from your car. To start using ŠKODA Connect you will need to register on the portal and download the app from the app store.

Click on the images below to discover the 3 core services of ŠKODA Connect and view the Tips and Tricks section for more information.


Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks


The Infotainment Online package provides a number of services to keep you up to date whilst travelling in the car, you can receive the latest news, travel updates and the weather forecast. What's more, you can connect with Google Earth for advance navigation. Designed to make every journey easier, you can also find out the nearest car park, points of interest and petrol stations so you can always plan ahead.

View the video below for a demonstration of the Infotainment Online Services or click here for further information.


Access the Care Connect via your smartphone and the ŠKODA Connect app, it will allow you to view your parking position, you will receive alerts if you car alarm has been activated and can let you know how much fuel you have left in the tank. With the Care Connect app you can have complete peace of mind knowing your vehicle is safe and you can keep connected with your car no matter where you are.

View the video below for a demonstration of the Care Connect Service or click here for further information.


Our Emergency Call is a clever system that is there to help you when the worst happens and you're involved in an accident. The system detects if the airbag control unit has been triggered and will instantly connect to ŠKODA Emergency Centre, where you can provide details on your situation so that help can be sent as quickly as possible.

View the video below for a demonstration of the Emergency Call Service or click here for further information.


  • Parking Position - With parking position you can easily find you car, the vehicle transmit the position.
  • Driving Data - Provides a summary of performance including average fuel consumption, average speed or distance travelled.
  • Online Anti-Theft Alarm - You will be alerted by email or smartphone if you Anti-Theft alarm is activated.
  • Area Notification - Set up designated and you will alerted when your vehicles moved within this zone.
  • Vehicle Status - Access all of the latest information about your car, including mileage, maintenance information, fuel range and fuel level.
  • Speed Notification - Keep track of how your car is being used and be alerted if the vehicle exceeds the selected speed limit.
  • Honk & Flash - If you are unsure where your car is parked, use the app within a 500-meter radius to activate the horn or hazard lights remotely to help you find it.



The Proactive Service provides information regarding your vehicle's technical conditioning and upcoming servicing, ensuring your car remains in the best condition and is well looked after.

  • Automatic Accident Notification - If you vehicle's crash sensor detects an accident which is below the threshold for an emergency call, the infotainment display will provide the option of Breakdown Call to assist you.
  • Breakdown Call - If your car breaks down you can press a button on the roof module to connect you to the road assistance call centre. Your location and condition of the car will be sent to the call centre so they can assist as best as possible.
  • Service Scheduling - You won't have to worry about planning services as we can do this for you, the vehicle reports the servicing required from regular servicing and oil change. The details will then be sent to your chosen service partner, who will contact you to schedule an appointment.
  • Vehicle Health Report - Provides information on your vehicle's technical condition, data will be exported on the current condition of your vehicle which you can access and print out from the ŠKODA Connect Portal.
  • Info Call - Keep up-to-date and receive information on ŠKODA products or support for ŠKODA Connect services, simply push the Info Call button on the 3-button module and you will be connected with the ŠKODA Customer Care Call Centre.



Before you can start using the ŠKODA Connect services you must register and activate via the ŠKODA Connect Portal. Within the ŠKODA Connect Portal you can manage your account from the comfort of your own home. Once you have registered you can also download the ŠKODA Connect Mobile app which allows you to control your car conveniently from your smartphone.

Enter The Portal


Available from both the Apple and Android app stores, you can simply download the ŠKODA Connect app and allows you to explore all the features of the ŠKODA Connect.