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Vauxhall Announces Prices & Specification For The All-New Electric Vivaro-E

Find out more about Vauxhall first fully electric van - the Vivaro-e.

Added: 24 July 2020

Vauxhall Announces Prices & Specification For The Vivaro-E

Vauxhall have recently announced the pricing and specification for the new Vivaro-e. The Vivaro-e is the brand’s first fully-electric van and is now available to order with deliveries expected in October.

The all-electric Vivaro-e will be suitable for many business users and is available in two trim levels, Dynamic and Elite, with two different lengths available L1H1 and L2H1. Plus, there will be the choice of two bodies, Van and Double Cab and finally two battery sizes, 50kWh and 75kWh. 

The Vivaro-e has been based on the EMP3 multi-energy platform and offers the same load volume ability as the internal combustion engine Vivaro. With best in class payload of up to 1,226kg the Vivaro-e is capable of towing up to one tonne.

Not only does it have great towing abilities, the Vivaro-e also offers up to 205 miles of all-electric range in WLTP conditions (this includes ½ payload). The electric motor produces 136hp (100kW) with a powerful 360Nm of torque. The 50kW battery offers 144 miles on all-electric range and the larger 75kW battery offers 205 miles of range. On average the annual fleet miles is 20,000 miles, meaning both battery sizes can easily cope with the annual weekday average mileage of 76 miles. When driving the Vivaro-e you have the option to select one of three driving modes to suit your environment and driving style, including Power, Normal and Eco. The 100kW charging capability is available as standard enabling rapid charging, the 50kW battery can charge from zero to 80% in just 32 minutes, and the larger 75kW battery in just 48 minutes. 

The standard specification for the Vivaro-e Dynamic will include the following features: cruise control, 3.5-inch digital instrument cluster, electric parking brake, front fog lights, rear parking sensors and Multimedia infotainment unit with 7-inch colour touchscreen. In addition, the Elite version will add Multimedia Navi Pro satellite navigation, 17-inch silver alloy wheels, front and rear parking sensors, panoramic rear-view camera and more. 


MODEL List Price
exc. VAT
List Price
inc. VAT
PiVG List Price
after PiVG excl. VAT
On-the-Road LP
after PiVG exc VAT**
L1H1 Dynamic Panel Van 3100
50kWh Battery
£34,390 £41,268 8,000 £27,723.33 £28,361.66
L1H1 Dynamic Panel Van 3100
75kWh Battery
£38,890 £46,668 8,000 £32,223.33 £32,861.66
L2H1 Dynamic Panel Van 3100
50kWh Battery
£35,540 £42,648 8,000 £28,873.33 £29,511.66
L2H1 Dynamic Panel Van 3100
75kWh Battery
£40,040 £48,048 8,000 £33,373.33 £34,011.66
L1H1 Elite Panel Van 3100
75kWh Battery
£42,690 £51,228 8,000 £36,023.33 £36,661.66
L2H1 Elite Panel Van 3100
75kWh Battery
£43,840 £52,608 8,000 £37,173.33 £37,811.66
L2H1 Elite Doublecab 3100
75kWh Battery
£45,840 £55,008 8,000 £39,173.33 £39,811.66

For more information on the new Vivaro-e and to register your interest, please contact your local Caffyns Vauxhall today.

* Awaiting PiVG eligibility approval. **On-the-road price includes delivery charge of £583.33 and new vehicle first registration fee of £55.00. Vehicle excise duty is nil.

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