Volkswagen Golf GTI With New Vehicle Dynamics Manager

Meet the new eighth generation Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Added: 26 May 2020

Volkswagen Golf GTI With New Vehicle Dynamics Manager  

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is one of the most iconic models from the brand and represents the DNA of a true sports car. Volkswagen have redesigned and added new technology to the latest model, the eighth generation of the Golf GTI will be arriving soon. The new Golf GTI features a new sharp design, new technology and offers an improved performance with the new Vehicle Dynamic Manager which manages the electromechanical running gear system.  

The new Vehicle Dynamics Manager adds a new level of performance to the model, Karseten Schebsdat, Head of Driving Dynamics, Steering and Control Systems explains; “This higher-level control system centrally coordinates all electromechanical running gear functions. Thanks to the combination of new running gear setup plus front-axle locking differential and Vehicle Dynamics Manager we were able to elevate the Golf GTI’s outstanding overall performance to an even higher level. This applies all the more if the DCC running gear featuring a new software application and adjustable dampers is also on board.”

Drivers will be able to personalise their own driving profile to their own style and optional adaptive DCC running gear. For the ultimate performance, the sharper driving dynamics improves the handling and provides a more accurate and responsive driving experience. Klaus Bischoff, Head of the Volkswagen Group Design comments: “The new Golf GTI boasts a very low, visual centre of gravity which we achieved through the wide air intakes at the front and the striking shoulder line. This superior, sporty character gives aesthetic expression to the vehicle’s potential.  

With its new exterior styling the Golf GTI features a selection of the iconic GTI styling tradition, including signature red GTI line towards the top of the bonnet. New styling includes the radiator grille which can be illuminated by a slim LED strip that extends into the headlight modules. Richmond 17-inch alloy wheels matches the sports car DNA and racing style, along with the GTI roof spoiler which assists with performance by boosting the downforces at the rear axle. 

For more information on the arrival of the eighth generation Golf GTI, please contact Caffyns Volkswagen

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