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Volkswagen Connect

Pick up your free DataPlug

With the Volkswagen Connect app on your phone, all the vital information about your Volkswagen vehicle is instantly accessible. You can easily track what roads you have been on or know when your car requires its next service. You can even monitor your fuel costs!

Available for selected Volkswagen models from 2008 onwards, the smartphone application can be downloaded on the AppStore and Google Play for free. All you need to do is visit one of our Volkswagen dealerships and pick up your free DataPlug.

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Volkswagen Connect Trips


This feature of the app acts as your digital vehicle log, by recording all the important parts of information about your journey, such as: starting and finishing point, duration, route taken and more.

You’ll be easily able to access lots of data about your driving history at your leisure. You can even export the data into a PDF document.

Driving Style

The Driving Style feature records statistics about your driving style whilst driving your Volkswagen.

It assesses statistics like acceleration, braking, speed, rpm, and coolant temperature to figure out your efficiency as a driver, reflected by a score. When driving effectively you can even collect points as well as improve your style with a selection of tips and hints.

Volkswagen Connect driving style
Volkswagen Connect Fuel Monitor

The Fuel Monitor keeps track of your fuel stops to give you a useful hub of information about your  fuel stops.

When you fill up your tank, the app will notice and send you a notification asking if you would like  to input extra data about your fuel stop, for the app to record. This allows you to easily see when you last filled your tank and how much it costed.


If you want more excitement on the way to your destination, Challenges allows you to test your driving abilities against other Volkswagen drivers by earning points and trophies which unlock levels.

Every new level brings you a new set of challenges to overcome such as the efficient driver trophy, which is unlocked by avoiding short journeys.

Volkswagen Connect Challenges
Volkswagen Connect Parking

Parking Space

This displays where your vehicle is currently parked allowing you to easily find it with the use of a detailed map. Parking Space also shows the time when you parked so you know precisely when your parking ticket expires.

Two other features are Route which tells you how to get to your vehicle and Share, which allows you to send the location of your vehicle to a friend.

Assistance Call

If your Volkswagen is experiencing technical difficulties whilst out on the road, you can directly contact a 24-hour breakdown service or the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance through this part of Volkswagen Connect.

Volkswagen Connect Assistance Call
Volkswagen Connect

Service Partners

Service Partners displays any Volkswagen Service Partners in your general vicinity and allows you to call them via the app.

You can also send over your vehicle’s data to a service partner of your choosing if you have any queries about the data or performance of your vehicle.

You can also book a service appointment that is tailored towards your vehicle’s needs through this part of the app.

My Volkswagen

With Volkswagen Connect you also gain access to My Volkswagen, which gives you a quick check-up on the health of your vehicle and displays all the relevant important information.

The app will alert you when it detects an issue and the most prudent course of action. You can also contact your preferred retailer or the Volkswagen Emergency Call Centre.

Volkswagen Connect