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Leasing FAQ’s

In Eastbourne & Worthing

How does car leasing work?

With car leasing you will be able to loan a car from us, you will simply pay an initial payment and then this will be followed by regular monthly payments, which will be paid over an agreed period of time.

Can I choose my mileage options?

When deciding on your agreement it is important to consider who many miles you travel, as leasing agreement will have a set amount of annual mileage, if you exceed this there will be an excess mileage fee to be paid at the end of the agreement.

What’s the different between personal leasing and business leasing?

Personal leasing is designed for individuals who are looking to lease a car over a set of time; your payments will be inclusive of VAT. Alternatively, business leasing is designed for fleet drivers who may wish to lease more than one car at a time, you will benefit from reduced tax bills and without the worry of expensive upfront costs and the depreciation of your fleet.

What are the benefits of car leasing?

With our personal leasing offers you can finance a new car without having to buy it outright, you will be able to determine the length of the leasing plan you would like and once the lease has finished you return the car.

How long are the leasing terms?

You can choose the leasing terms to suit you; typically these will be between 2 – 4 year. At the end of the lease agreements you have the advantage of returning your model and choosing a new model.

Is maintenance included in car leasing?

The majority of leasing options exclude maintenance; you will be responsible for servicing and the maintenance of your car in agreement with your policy. However, some leasing options do include maintenance, which means they will have more expensive monthly payments.