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Guide to Leasing

In Eastbourne & Worthing

What is car leasing?

When you lease a car you will decide on period of time that you want the lease to run for and at the end of the lease you will simply return the car, with leasing you won’t own the car. You will pay an intial payment then make regularly monthly payments during the agreed time of the lease.

How does car leasing work?

We have a choice of Volvo models available for leasing, once you have test driven the models and decided which works best for you you can opt for a leasing offer. Once you’ve chosen your model and decided on the leasing agreement, you will pay an initial payment, which will then be followed by regular monthly payments. The terms of the agreement will include the duration of the agreement and the agreed annual mileage.

The shorter the term of the agreement the higher the monthly payments, you will also notice the monthly payments will be higher with an increase in annual mileage, however if you do go over the agreement annual mileage you will have to pay an excess mileage charge per mile you travel over the agreed amount.

What happens at the end of the lease?

Once your lease has run out, if you’re still happy with your car you can either extend the lease on your car, alternatively you can return the car. When returning the car the condition of the vehicle will be check and the mileage travelled. Once the car has been returned you will be able to set up a new lease, meaning you can have a new car every 2- 4 years.