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Fixed Priced Servicing

Our fixed price servicing will keep your Volvo in good health.

When it comes to servicing your Volvo, we realise that some jobs may cost less elsewhere. Come to Volvo however and our fixed prices include the invaluable reassurance of Volvo trained technicians. And genuine Volvo parts, guaranteed for two years. All of which means that having your car serviced by us is actually not as expensive as you’d think.

Volvo Essential Service – £250 (Every 12 Months Or 12,000 Miles)

This service includes:

  • Check vehicle for damage to bodywork, lamps and exterior trim and record
  • Fit protective covers
  • Lubricate bonnet catch
  • Lubricate all accessible door hinges
  • Check handbrake for operation and travel
  • Check operation and condition of exterior lights and horn
  • Check condition and operation of wipers and washers
  • Check condition of windscreen and mirrors
  • Check seat belts for operation and condition
  • Check brake fluid
  • Visually check brake and clutch fluid and top up as required
  • Check and record antifreeze protection level
  • Visually check condition of cooling system and top up coolant as required
  • Check and top up washer bottles with screen wash as required
  • Check and top up power steering fluid level as required
  • Check engine and drive train for leaks and top up as required
  • Check auxiliary belts (not timing belt) and adjust if necessary
  • Check battery security and condition
  • Change oil and filter
  • Check all visible brake pipes and hoses for condition and security
  • Check all visible fuel lines for condition, security and alignment
  • Check exhaust system for condition, security and alignment
  • Check all visible steering & suspension joints, mountings & gaiters for condition      and operation
  • Check all wheel bearings for excessive play, noise and roughness
  • Check tyres for condition and record tread depths
  • Check tyres for evidence of abnormal wear (including spare)
  • Check and adjust tyre pressures (including spare)
  • Check front brake components for condition, operation and leakage
  • Drain water from fuel filter (where applicable)
  • Check timing belt replacement interval
  • Visually check HT leads and ignition coil (where applicable)
  • Re-set service light
  • Diagnostic Check including report
  • Carry out road test, checking for correct clutch and brake operation and abnormal engine performance
  • Stamp customer's service record book or supply a new book

Volvo Manufacturer Service – From £350 (Every 12 Months Or 18,000 Miles)

This service includes everything from the minor service plus:

  • Check 4 wheel alignment
  • Check rear brake components for condition, operation and leakage
  • Check thickness of front brake pads and discs
  • Check thickness of rear brake pads and discs
  • Check rear brakes for condition, leaks and operation. Clean. Adjust. (if applicable)
  • Check thickness of rear brake pads/shoes and discs/drums
  • Fit new fuel filter and bleed fuel system (where applicable)
  • Fit new air filter
  • Refit wheels and tighten wheel nuts to the correct torque