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HOw to Check YOur Oil

Engine With Oil Dipstick

  1. Ensure that the car is level. After switching off the engine it is important to wait 5 minutes to allow the oil level to settle.
  2. Pull up and wipe the dipstick and re-insert.
  3. Pull it out again and check the level.
  4. If the level is close to MIN then 0.5 litres should be added. If the level is significantly below, then an additional amount is required.
  5. If required check the level again, do it after driving a short distance. Then repeat steps 1-4.

Engine with Electronic Oil Level Sensor

  1. Active key position II, Please refer to your vehicle handbook for further information.
  2. Rotate the thumbwheel on the left-hand stalk switch to position Engine Oil level wait...
  3. You will then see information displayed on the dashboard.

Checking your engine with an Oil Dipstick | Caffyns Volvo

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